Interior design

Office furniture

From document cabinets to desks and functional furniture, we produce office furniture adapted specifically to your needs. We pay special attention to the realization of your corporate design and combine functionality and sophisticated materials.

Store design

In cooperation with you as well as with architects and planners, we implement your ideas in a targeted and professional way. You can choose from a wide range of materials, from natural wood to MDF, according to the requirements of your business.

House furniture

Built-in furniture for sloping ceilings, bedroom closets, libraries and dressing rooms offer perfect storage possibilities. Quite often corners and heights are used not optimally and still have potential. But we can also design closet walls, wardrobes, tables and much more, to add extra space to your home.

Custom-made Dream Room

Every living or working space has its own characteristics and must be used optimally, right down to every corner. Our know-how makes us the best partner for individual interior design solutions. We pay special attention to meeting deadlines, planned costs and production transparency, from the development of the proposal to the completion of the project. Whether you need classic living room or office furniture or an unusual orangery, we offer you a range of services designed to make you feel like you’re using your space perfectly.

Office equipment

 In the office, furniture should support two things: ergonomic work and structure. Folders and files, the useful but clunky printer, all technical equipment and paperwork are part of everyday work, but often occupy too much space. Furniture that fits perfectly into the office system, both visually and acoustically, can make things easier.

Medical practice room furniture

Like office furniture, practice room furniture, above all must be made with focus on functionality. In addition, there are hygiene regulations that require easy cleaning and high standards of cleanliness. The right choice of wood requires years of experience and knowledge, which you will find in a unique combination at the Wenk carpentry workshop.

Store equipment

In a store, regardless of the industry, the design of the space plays a major role. Wenk Carpentry strives to equip your store with shop furniture which is not only quality, but also aesthetically adapted to the needs of your space.

Reception desks

Reception is the identity of many business spaces. Visitors and employees use this area all the time. Combining durability and attractiveness is not an easy task, but it is not impossible and Wenk carpentry workshop is happy to accept such challenges.

Living room

Rooms with sloping ceilings can be a challenge. In the example shown, the radiator cladding and furniture not only form a solid unit, but are customized to the individual needs of the room and the owner. The sideboard, pictured, accommodates an entire dining set for a family gathering. The TV stand is mobile, allowing it to avoid taking up unnecessary space when not in use.

Dining Room

Tableware such as plates, cups, saucers, cutlery and other items such as napkins, candles are necessarily present on the table during family meals. However, in daily life, they should be hidden but still easily accessible. Wenk carpentry offers you the opportunity to design and build dining room furniture exactly to your wishes.


Bedrooms are the rooms where customer wishes can be very special and individual. After all, you spend a third of your life in your own bed, right?


An individual and outstanding requirement is not an obstacle for us. The perfect use of space, the creation of optimal storage space and the implementation of personal accents can of course be implemented in the production of wardrobes. Striking patterns or indirect lighting inside the wardrobe are outstanding elements of your individuality.

Household spaces

It doesn’t always have to be a room where all the household equipment ends up without a system. The laundry room can also be connected to many other rooms and situations. So why not have a coffee or tea together while the washing machine handles everything else?

Partition walls

Light-flooded rooms are not only very inviting visually, but at the same time promote the overall aesthetic impression. For example, patchwork patterns of different wallpapers can make a partition an eye-catcher of the room.


Classic wood paneling has been forgotten for generations, although it is a must-have element of any vintage house. In combination with glass, the structure of the wood and the beautiful reflection of light can be appropriately emphasized.

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