Craftsmanship meets design

The type and decor of a living space says a lot about individual style.

Day by day, in our work, we observe that more and more importance is being attached to interior style. Depending on taste, it can be modern, classic or playful style, whether the apartment should be a place of retreat, a refuge or an oasis of comfort.  Custom home furniture becomes the embodiment of personal requirements. In particular, sideboards, living room cabinets, or tables represent personal preference for accents.

For Furniture Architects

Are you an architect and can’t wait to bring your project to life? You have found the right production company – Wenk carpentry workshop. Whether it’s an exhibition stand or a design project – this is the place where your ideas come to life.

Hallway closet

The first thing a guest sees is the entrance to the house and the hallway. The main goal is to create an organized space with as much aesthetics as possible. It may seem that a closet for outerwear is very simple. But making it visually attractive is a challenge that we are happy to take on.

Badewanne mit moderner Holzverkleidung

Bathroom furniture

Wood use in the bathroom is in demand because it creates a warm atmosphere. The requirements for such projects are extremely high. We accept this challenge. Paying great attention to the durability of our pieces, we give you a new perspective on the use of wood in your bathroom interior.

Children’s room furniture

Durability is an advantage for children’s rooms as well. To ensure that not only a first -year pupil, but also a high school student still enjoys living in his room, you need furniture that is suitable for children of different ages. This way, grown up children can continue to enjoy a room and its interior.

Library – Bookcases

A custom-made Biedermeier bookcase not only attracts the eye, but also makes efficient use of the available space. Its elegance and simplicity correspond to the intended style, but also to the individual client’s wishes.

Furniture for sloping ceiling spaces

If you want to optimize the use of space with sloping ceilings, office furniture must be slanted. Our custom-made built-in cabinets are impressive thanks to extra-deep pull-outs and flaps that can be used not only for temporary storage with maximum storage space, but also for their simple functionality.

Cellar bar

It doesn’t take much to make a man happy. Solid wood from South America, hand-forged hardware, a mirror with indirect lighting, whiskey compartments, glass shelves and a humidor – all these things are perfect for a cellar bar.

Garden furniture

Greenhouses on top of high buildings or functional garden furniture which recalling with interior: garden furniture is a separate class. Not only wind and weather are perpetual opponents, but also the weight and durability must be considered when choosing wood.

TV furniture

TV, radio, speakers, subwoofer – all these devices help to spend a pleasant evening at home, but sometimes they need a lot of special space. To save you from “cable clutter,” the Wenk carpentry workshop produces TV furniture that easily hides all unnecessary parts and is mobile at the same time.


Whether as a wall cabinet or classic living room furniture, sideboards are designed for lightness. They should not only look unweighty, but also facilitate the cleaning of the room. They are often used in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Are we interested in you?

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