Sacred buildings

Cathedral of St. Peter in Bautzen
Restoration of pews and doors

Church Ostro
Reconstruction of altar, pulpits, ambo, pews, reconstruction of the Way of the Cross paintings according to historical model, new construction of church windows in accordance with historical monuments protection, organ construction restoration in cooperation with the company Eule

Uhyst Autobahn Church
Restoration of the grand entrance door

Fortress Königstein
Reconstruction of the pulpit and sacristy furniture

St. Marienthal Monastery Ostritz
Restoration of windows dating from the 17th century, restoration of doors after flood damage in 2011, reconstruction of historical building elements

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Dresden-Striesen
New construction of the sacristy furniture

Church St. Marien Reichenbach
New construction of sacristy furniture

Pilgrimage church Rosenthal
New construction of sacristy furniture

Club buildings

Fachwerk Manor in Nebelschütz
Reconstruction of an historic wooden staircase

Guest house “Umgebinde-Dreiseitenhof” Cunewalde
Extensive restoration work of windows, doors and furniture

Family and Educational Sorbian Center LIPA e.V.
Renewal of windows and doors

Museums and exhibits

Sorbian Museum Bautzen Ortenburg
Showcase and gallery

Cottbus Pharmacy Museum
Reconstruction of showcases

St. Marienstern Monastery state exhibition in Panschwitz-Kuckau
Tabernacle substructure and pews restoration including pedestal substructure, pews restoration, Gothic cemetery door restoration

City Halls

City Hall, Cambourg
Complete restoration of furniture, doors and special structures, as well as restoration of historical components

Former city hall Schirgiswalde
reconstruction of the house and interior doors and windows in accordance with historical preservation guidelines


Mansion in Saritsch
Reconstruction of exterior door according to original design, restoration and new construction of interior doors

Hirschbach manor house
Construction of interior doors for tourist apartments

Bocka manor house
Farm gates building

Manor house in Neustädtel
Reconstruction of interior, exterior doors and windows, interior finishing according to historical model

Höflein Mansion
Interior decoration and restoration, as well as restoration of antique windows

Mansion in Binnewitz
Restoration of windows and doors according to historical models


Panschwitz-Kukau School
Manufacturing classroom doors according to fire protection requirements

Cotten school
Reconstruction of furniture in rooms in traditional style