Our art is not only in the patient and careful production of individual unique pieces. The craft of the Wenk carpentry also has regional importance, as our services contribute the quality of life and attractiveness.

In order to meet the high standards, not only a wide and varied range of services is needed, but above all, the professional execution of these services. We restore and manufacture sideboards and dressers, shelves and living room walls, couches and dining tables, corner benches and benches, kitchen furniture and countertops, wardrobes and built-in closets, beds, storage and hallway furniture, wardrobes, sauna and bathroom furniture, patio furniture, garden and balcony furniture.

As we want to continue to build on our experience in the field of sacral restoration, our work and new productions are oriented to doors, pulpits, chapels, altars, galleries or crosses. We gladly accept the challenge of restoring a churches, castles or villas or creating unique pieces.

This is how the Wenk carpentry workshop was able to gain countless references and a far-reaching reputation in more than 80 years.

Each and every order is of particular importance, because we work individually and at the highest level. Our client’s requirement is also ours. We build not only consistently, but also sustainably. Natural materials and means and the possible renunciation of any additives are our priority. We work not only according to your requirement, but above all for the future.