Church and temple furniture

To help church buildings maintain their originality.

The Protestant Luther rose or Catholic lilies: the ornaments in religious spaces such as churches are often a subtle, but essential elements.

Wenk Carpentry always aims to harmonize each individual sign and its specific symbolism. New church buildings often leave a bleak impression of pure functionality.

We focus on original craftsmanship in restoration and finishing which – ideally – evoke a sense of sublime historicity in the viewer. To achieve this, we take our time in many respects: preparation can take up to a year without even a single tool being used on location.

Multifunctional cabinets for churches of pilgrimage, automatically opening cabinet doors, closet doors that open by 72 degrees or church pulpits restored by photos only – we offer you the knowledge and the courage to take on such a challenge in a professional and according to the situation.

Möbelstücke der Kirche „Mariä Himmelfahrt“ in Dresden-Striesen


The planning and implementation of this furniture in the church “Mariä Himmelfahrt” in Dresden-Striesen required special finesse. A small room with particularly high requirements demanded functionality, illumination and optimal use of the space. To remain holistic, design elements from the church were also newly integrated into the sacristy.

Rekonstruierte Gestühlteile des St. Peter Doms

Сhurch pews

The pews of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Bautzen are over 100 years old. Time has taken its toll on it. In addition to the removal of anobia-infested wood, worn parts of the pews were reconstructed. After the restoration of over 100 pews, the surfaces were color-matched and treated with protective treatment of wood soap. Finally, they were reconnected to the pedestal and aligned in exact position to the altar.

Church pulpits

The masterpiece of one of our craftsmen. The restoration of this church pulpit was planned and implemented via photos only. A special challenge was not only the preservation of the original historicity, but also the installation of two movable parts – as part of the master’s examination. The drawers are located, well hidden, behind the balusters and thus combine past originality and modernity.

Restaurieter Altar


As a result of the destruction of cultural treasures in the regions, only a few photos of the original appearance of this altar remained. It took a great deal of experience to restore the remaining lower part of the altar properly and to fully manufacture the entire piece.

Chapel equipment

This private chapel is not a rarity in the region. On the contrary, if enough land is available, the own chapel is built – no matter how small it is. This example was built for the client’s daughter. Our job was to make the exterior doors and benches inside the chapel in a professional and stylish way.

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