Our carpentry in Panschwitz-Kuckau near Bautzen

By tradition in wood: For more than 80 years, the Wenk carpentry workshop in Ostro, near Bautzen, has been a benchmark of the most perfect woodworking. Our five craftsmen, supported by apprentices and trainees, have a very special goal, using the most modern equipment and traditional craftsmanship: we want to perfect the combination of ambitious design, the use of modern technology and the application of traditional methods to achieve the highest level of quality.

Marian Wenk Inhaber

Marian Wenk


Marian is the owner of the Wenk carpentry workshop. He began his professional career in Rosenheim, where he studied interior design. To combine theory and practice, he also trained as a master carpenter. While continuing to improve his skills, for example to become a professional restorer, he still likes to lend a hand in the workshop. Because of this, the family tradition continues now in its 3rd generation.

Johannes Wenk Tischlermeister

Johannes Wenk

Master carpenter

Johannes is the representative of the second of three generations of carpenters. A certified engineer, master carpenter and former apprentice instructor, he has always enjoyed passing on his knowledge and his numerous experiences to his trainees. Now he is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Andreas Prüfer Tischlermeister

Andreas Prüfer

Master Carpenter

In this case, his position speaks for itself. Every element to be restored is carefully examined by Andreas, as he is a real professional in the field of window restoration and construction, mastering every element of the construction down to the smallest detail.

Mariusz Wierczinski Biedermeierspezialist

Mariusz Wierczinski

Biedermeier Style Specialist

Mariusz is a specialist. He creates baroque furniture from scratch and has mastered the Biedermeier style like no other. If you need durable and extraordinary interior furnishings, Mariusz is exactly the right person for you.

Christoph Mieth CNC-Spezialist

Christoph Mieth

CNC specialist

If you are looking for CNC machine production or programming, Christoph is the right partner for you. A true specialist in his field, he knows how to implement every detail of your favorite piece – thanks to exceptionally precise work on numerically controlled machines.

Annelie Höntsch Restaurateurin

Annelie Höntsch


Annelie is a restorer craftswoman and on top of that the person for extra delicate work. She also works in the field of design together with Marian.

Sascha Hasselbach Möbeltischler

Sascha Hasselbach

Furniture carpenter

A source of ideas and a cheerful personality. Sascha is not simply a carpenter or the master of assembly, he is the one who also brings a smile to your face.