Doors and gates

Space discoverers

While others don’t even notice their presence, we pay them the attention they deserve. Doors and gates should harmonize both passage and protection. They should be worthy harbingers of the space that follows them, no matter whether they are open or closed. A country style house, youthful style or empire are the elements that are demanded for the best way to accomplish this task.


It is a mistake to think that a gate made entirely of wood quickly becomes unusable. If all traditional carpentry rules are observed, wooden gates can serve their purpose for generations.

helle Portaltür

Grand entrance

Large, wide sashes and matching hardware are a challenge for any carpenter. Private mansions or public buildings, however, shouldn’t be without the impressive effect of a grand entrance. Wenk Carpentry offers you the appropriate craftsmanship for making doors of any design.

Entrance doors

The Wenk carpentry workshop will manufacture any type of entrance doors for you, including any type of wood. Of course, the requirements of thermal insulation standards are strictly observed.

Interior doors

Nowadays interior doors are manufactured on a production scale. Consequently, the durability of their use is questionable. Therefore, it makes sense to look for alternatives that are not only different from industrial doors, but also ensure long-term use.

Sliding doors

Room separation plays a key role, especially in the kitchen, if you don’t want the whole living area to smell of spices every time you prepare a meal. Sliding doors that disappear into the space between the walls increase comfort, even during cooking.

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