Restoration means originality

Of course, furniture can simply be covered with lacquer. But if a closet, dining table or sideboard has to be polished afterwards, then both the material and the value of the product are lost – and originality is not guaranteed anymore.

Wenk Carpentry has a reputation for creating original and valuable pieces. Natural materials and textiles will not only make your favorite piece shine with new brilliance, but also preserve its historic and often priceless value.

We work not only with you, but mainly with what you entrust to us. Whether it’s hand-forged furniture fittings, restoration of the original condition studied from photos, ecological glues and paints – we offer you the know-how of more than 80 years of experience in the field of furniture and interior restoration. Time, patience and experience are pillars that guarantee an original look and are our top priority.

Furniture Restoration

Wenk Carpentry offers restorations of all types and styles. Whether Wilhelminian, Baroque, Art Nouveau or 1930s – whichever period your favorite piece belongs to, we will professionally restore it for you.

um 1900 entstandene Wandverkleidung mit orientalischen Motiven in Schellack

Interior Restoration.

These panels once adorned the waiting room of an elite doctor’s practice and consisted of several pieces. Oriental motifs in shellac, created around 1900, now adorn the dining room of the apartment building.


Doors are the greatest field for a craftsman. Every home has a large number of doors whose repair means much more than just painting them. In most cases, restoration has a qualitatively greater effect than a new purchase. Not only does it avoid unnecessary costs, but it also brings the spirit of the past into the modern times.


A professional would immediately understand the feasibility of window restoration. In an environment where windows are critically dependent on the thermal management of the home and its materials, the conflict between replacement or restoration can be avoided, with the help of a professional assessment.


Pianos have a unique magic. In collaboration with instrument masters or tuners, the Wenk carpentry workshop enters into a symbiosis that makes everything possible for these noble instruments. In this way, wood, metal and felt come together in a unique combination of technology and craftsmanship.

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